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Theme Song

Pilot : Entering the Island

Pilot : Fight Scene

Theme Song

“We’re Gonna Party Today” (Performed by Bootsy Collins, Questlove, Erykah Badu, Biz Markie, Mark Mothersbaugh)

“Cowboy Showdown”

“All My Friends Are Insects” (Performed by Weezer)

“Fruit Song” (Performed by YMCK)

“We All Love Our Pets” (Performed by Taking Back Sunday)

“We Are All Winners”

“I Wish I Was A Spy” (Performed by Peter Bjorn and John)

“Art Is Everywhere” (Performed by MGMT)

“Hold Still”

“Supermarket Shuffle” (Performed by Inara George and Scottsdale Yacht)

“Just Because It’s Different, Doesn’t Mean It’s Scary” (Performed by I’m From Barcelona)

“Out In Nature” (Performed by Band of Horses)

“Time For School” (Performed by Dr. Dog)

“Deep Taste: Avocado”

“The Cultivators”

“Now You’re Cookin’!: BLAMT”

“Our Future” (Performed by Neon Trees)

Gameplay Trailer

“We Wanna Be Famous”